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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday Double Digits!

My oldest boy turned 10 last week. Were into the double digits and it's really scary for me!!!!

We had his party on thursday night with no school the next day. We went bowling first and that was just a little chaotic with 7 boys in tow. Thank goodness the hubby was off that night, cuz I dont think I would have been able to do it alone. They were soooo wild! Five 10 year old boys are worse than girls, I think. They were full of farts and burps and even more energy! One of them went home and couldnt stay the night but we ended up back at the house for cake and presents and what I thought would be the Wii. I was wrong. They played on their cell phones all night texting girls........and talking about them too! Staying up until past 1 in the morning, laughing and giggling the whole time. It was exhausting!!!
Shaymus was the only one who didnt have a cell phone and I know he hates me for not getting him one but I have my reasons. He is just not responsible enough to own one and there is really no need for one! When the kids left the next day, one of their moms gave me just another one to add to my list. Are you sitting down? I'll tell you what she told me. They monitor his texting and a few weeks ago found 2 very disturbing ones from.......2 seperate girls. Mind you these are 10 year old girls. The first text was asking the boy if he wanted to "hump" her and the second was from a seperate girl wanting to know if he thought she was "sexy"..........................WTF???? If I EVER catch my kid sending or getting texts like that, someone had better watch out, cuz I will be on the phone faster than he could ever imagine. But, that wont be happening since he doesnt have a phone. What the hell is happening to kids these days? Or maybe it's the parents.

Seriously? When I was 10 I dont think I even knew about sex, I was still playing with freakin Barbies and my friends. We were building forts, playing hide and seek and riding bikes. The thought probably crossed my mind but not like that!

I'm sooo not ready for my kids to grow up.

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  1. awww, Happy Birthday :) very cute pictures of him and his boys!

  2. Oh dear god! No wonder why you haven't gotten him a phone! WHY are these parents still allowing the kid the phone after the sextexts? Uuuugh. I would beat Ava's ass if she sent that out.

    Just sayin. :P

  3. Bless your heart. Why is it that girls feel the need to put themselves out there like that and at such a young age. Where did it all go wrong? I blame Britney Spears!
    Congrats on making it 10 years!

  4. How do these girls even know what "hump" is? Crazy! My oldest just turned 5 and I am scared of what the future may bring! But, thanks for sharing the birthday party fun. I remember looking forward to slumber parties while I was growing up. But, never really knew what boys did at sleep overs.

  5. Yay for double digits! You are brave, brave for taking on all those boys. :)

  6. My daughter just turned 10, too. Scary territory. I cannot believe those texts. If my daughter sent anything like that I'd have to sacrifice her to the gods. Seriously, UNBELIEVABLE. My nephew has been getting notes from a girl in his class who thinks he's sexy and is bold enough to put the notes in his cubby without him noticing. CRAZY.



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