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Friday, February 5, 2010

Week in Review, GMYBS, and a Virtual Girls Nite Out

Whew, what a week. I feel like I have been so busy but I can't really pin point why!

Lolli over at Better in Bulk does a weekly post called Give me your best shot (GMYBS). It's just a glimpse of what you did or if you took a favorite photo. Not a contest or anything, just for fun! So stop by and say hello to her.

Lets see, this week we all got sick! Sounds exciting huh? Our house is filled with coughs and boogers. Yuk!!!

We went to a friends house and I thought I would get some pictures while we were there. They live on nice property that has a pond and a small stream running thru it, but everything here in Denver just looks blahhh. Everything is brown and dead, there's dirty gross snow and ice every where, and it hasn't snowed in awhile, just been cold! So my pics didn't turn out how I was expecting them to!
They bought the boys some giant playing cards, and they had a blast with them. They own a gorgeous home with lot of beautiful art and walls of windows for natural light (and perfect picture taking)! I high lighted my hair! Now the greys are blending in and not so noticeable! I really like it but I'm sure I'll be bored with it in a month or so!

Anyway, it's game time for Virtual Girls Nite out!!! Ann is hosting the weekly party over at Ann again and again, so pop in and say hello.

The Mighty 3

Name 3 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1.) ANY beach
2.) with my hubby
3.) on a vacation not worrying about money

Name 3 Things You Will NEVER Drink Again:

1.) tequila by itself
2.) hot sauce
3.) cant think of another one

3 People You Would Like To Have Dinner With-Not necessarily at the same time:
1.) Rachael Ray
2.) My husband
3.) Matthew McConaughey

What are your Mighty 3?


  1. I think that picture depicts winter perfectly. I need to color my hair as well, the grey's keep creeping thru.

  2. Great picture of that stream. Love those type of shots. Gorgeous.
    Those are some giant cards...How fun.
    Better post an after picture of your hair.

  3. Hejsan... tänkte bara tipsa om den nya länkkatalogen som släpptes igår.


    ha en trevlig helg

    ps. Du får jätte gärna länka till mig.ds



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