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Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics

As a child or even a young adult I don't remember having much interest in the Olympics. Now, well that's a totally different story!

I'm not an athletic person and I have never really participated in any sport, even when I was in school. With the exception of when I was in 9th grade I tried out for the swim team......I have no freaking idea why either! I wasn't and am still, not a great swimmer and back then I didn't even weigh a hundred pounds.....wet. So going up against girls that were seriously like twice my size and who had been swimming since they were children was just a STUPID idea on my part. I hated every minute of it and was elated when I got pneumonia mid season and had to quit.
My parents never forced me to get into extra curricular activities or a sport and so I had no interest in it at all. Looking back, I think they probably should have! I don't remember them even putting the idea in my head. My brother played baseball through junior high, but quit before highschool.

Now that I'm a parent I'm glad that my boys are very interested in athletics and sports of all kinds. Shaymus has been playing baseball since he was 3 years old and is now starting a new season in 10 year old kid pitch. I'm very excited for the season to begin and to see how much they progress this year! Jaxson and Riley will be starting pee wee baseball or soccer this year as well. They are very excited about it.

Anyway, about the Olympics, I LOVE watching speed skating. Short track or long track I don't care. It amazes me when they are all in sync and how they just float across the ice; It's so graceful, even when in the heat of the moment when they are fighting for first place! It's just a total rush to me!!!! So Jaxson (my 4 year old) and I were watching them the other night and he was fascinated by it and stated that he wanted to do that. It got me thinking that if he does have any interest in it, I should get him started young. Wouldn't that be awesome for your/my child to end up being one of those amazing athletes that make it all the way to the Olympics?! I cant even imagine.
I wanted to share a very exciting race with you, but I cannot embed it right now so you will just have to go to this link! Short track speed skating is soooooo exciting!
Sooo, I have decided that not only do my kids need to play an organized team sport, I think it would be good for them to find an interest in an individual sport as well. As a teenager, I never even thought about how far a sport could take you in life, even if you didn't plan on ever having it as a career but just something to keep you disciplined and on the right path.

I have been looking into lessons for all of them, especially ice skating :)
Unfortunately, I did not take these pictues, they are courtesy of a Bing search!


  1. I'm watching the Olympics right now.. .sort of.. as much as I can focus on it. (I'm very easily distracted with sports!) AFN (Armed Forces Network) has had pretty good broadcast of the events. Only sport I've ever competed seriously in, was marksmanship. I even lettered in it in high school. I was very impressed with the bi-athalon (sp?) events. Those guys were skiing hard, the snow was coming down, and yet they pinged target after target. It is amazing to watch!

  2. I love watching, too. I played volleyball but got cut Jr. Year because I was partying too much. Hym, doesn't sound like me at all, does it? haha

    BTW I'm snickering that you have Cry Little Sister on your playlist. I totally went and bought the Lost Boys soundtrack this week, too. Great minds? :P Sergioooo!

  3. watching the Olympics on the telly live is a different experience.

  4. Should I admit to you that I haven't watched even 5 minutes of the Olympics?

    I'd better do so. It's my civic duty, right? I love the Winter Olympics, too.



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