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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another School Shooting......Only this time it's way to close to home.

Picture courtesy of 9 news.

Yup, today's school shooting happened about 5 blocks from my home. It's all very surreal too. I'm very surprised that I didn't hear anything, considering I was walking out of the preschool (you can see the middle school from it), with my two youngest children right around or a minute or two before it was happening. I didn't know about it until my oldest called and told me that his school was on lock down because of a shooting. Let me tell you, that is a scary phone call to get! I didn't get all that concerned because originally I was thinking that it was something that happened at a home around the neighborhood. But then he called me back to say he was with a friend and his mom, and in the background I could hear someone say it was at the middle school. That's when I began to feel sick.

My 8th grade cousin stood about 10 feet from the shooter, she saw him and yelled that he had a gun, then she was able to run and hide before he started shooting. Thank God, there were only 2 kids that were hurt and they both have non life threatening injuries.

Remember the last post when I mentioned that whole home schooling thing??? Well, here's another reason to add to my pro vs con list. What is this world coming to? I just don't get it and I really don't want my kids growing up like this? What are we going to do though?

To read the whole story click here.

What's even scarier is that from what it looks like right now, it was a totally random thing. An adult male (32 yrs. old) walks into the school and back out again, asks some students if they go to school there and then starts shooting?? My question is this.....did he stand out on the street and ask himself which school to go to? The elementary school or the middle school? Why shoot kids for no apparent reason? He has NO connections to the school what so ever. He's not a parent, he doesn't work there or get fired from there. Just a total whack job! They just released his name......wait for it......Bruko Strong Eagle Eastwood. My hubby said maybe he's mad at his parents for naming him. LOL, hey we have to find something funny about this.

All I know is that those Dr. Benke and all of the other teachers are freaking amazing and total hero's. They were able to tackle and subdue him until the police got there, and they were there within minutes!

On a lighter note, it's Wordful Wednesday! I was cleaning this week, while trying to conquer the ever growing laundry pile, I made my way into Shays room to put some clean clothes away; Well, one thing led to another and I came across his know that spot they throw everything in even if it doesn't belong there. The one where they put everything and then proceed to tell you that their room is clean. yeah, that one and let me tell you, it was not pretty! On another wall I found some little tiny dirty piggy's that had been left behind by my Jax when he shared that room, how cute is that (and kind of gross)!

Well, that's my week up until now. So everyone have a wonderful day! Go say hi to Angie and her beautiful family.


  1. How scary, I am so glad that every thing was ok and that you and your family are ok..

  2. Woah. So scary. I wonder all the time what the world is coming to, but I am determined that it's coming to good. For the most part.

    My kids' stash is all over the house. Stinker pants.

  3. That is the scariest thing I could imagine happening. In fact, just about everyday when I take my daughter to school, I am anxious about people wandering into the school and hurting my child. I would love to homeschool for many reasons, but safety is definitely one of them.

    I love the pictures of the stuff everywhere! :) Maybe I should start taking pictures and posting them so everyone can laugh with me instead of me breaking into tears at the constant mess in my house!

  4. I am so glad that the children were not badly hurt, and that you and yours are safe especially!!! (Is it ok to be biased towards my blogger friends?) Public schools can be bad. I went to HS in a crappy area of Tampa and there were drugs, metal detectors, etc. yet I still knew kids who had knives or guns in school. I think I managed to turn out ok anyway. Homeschool can be good, but it isn't the answer for all kids, some kids do better in school, some parents cannot teach, some parents cannot parent! ah well... we each have to do what we think best for our kids. Reminds me of when my son and I were evac'ed out of Pakistan after a bombing. People thought we should be so relieved to be back home safe! We were in DC, during the time of the sniper incident. I would have preferred to be back in Pakistan! Anyway, I hope they find some motive or answers about this guy who attacked the children. Answers would be helpful.

  5. That would be way to close for comfort for me. YES I'd be moving. Or atleast pulling my children out of that school
    Such a difficult decision. hard to say.
    WTH kinda name is that?? Geez!
    HEY looks like your house is alot like me. KIDS!!

  6. Update- This guy does have a connection to the school. He went there in 1992. When the police went to his fathers house, he said that his son had been hearing voices.......maybe he should have looked for some help. 1 of the 2 students is now in critical condition. So Sad.

  7. That is terrible. I hope the child improves, and fast :(

  8. OMG Nic...this is crazy. How scary. :( What is with people? I can imagine that the area is in shock - wounds are still there from Columbine methinks. Glad to hear you and yours are safe.

  9. Very, very scary indeed! But, even amongst all these type of events, we can't lose faith with the world!! And we can't live our lives being afraid to ever step outside our front doors - we just have to learn to always be cautious without being withdrawn totally, I guess??!!

  10. Okay that is WAY too close for comfort. I tell you what that is so scary especially when we have school aged kids. Looks like your cleaning adventure was fun...HA HA and the foot print is too cute.

  11. I am so glad you are all Ok, it seems asif everyone is crazy anymore.

  12. I read about this shooting on another blog I follow. very scary. So glad they got the guy. Wow only 5 blocks from you....that is too close to home.

  13. scary!

    I have so much laundry to do!

    sorry i'm late, come visit me...

    The Buzz

  14. Wow! it's a whole other ballgame when it is not just on the news, but in your backyard. Def gives you reason to take pause. I am glad you and yours were safe. Betting your holding them close today!

  15. I wonder if its the free access to firearms that is the cause of all these incidents.



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