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Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Menu Plan

I have been so lazy lately and just not in a cooking mood. I'm not real sure why either! This week is going to be tough for me, but here goes.......

Monday - Beef Stroganoff

Tuesday - Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad

Wednesday - Chicken fajita's, black beans and rice with homemade pico de gallo

Thursday - Burgers on the grill with fries and fruit

Friday - Pizza nite

Saturday - it's gonna have to be leftovers, I'm working!

Sunday - Homemade Lasanga with salad and rolls

If you're feeling stuck like I am, head on over to the Organizing Junkie and get a load of ideas for dinner!!!!


  1. Those sound great to me. I really need to do this too. It does help with the dinner blues.

  2. my wife does this sometimes and we try to stick to the plan, but there are days we end up calling Dominos! :)



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