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Friday, August 7, 2009

Week in pictures

This week seemed to be pretty busy. We did a lot and still had time to just hang out at home.

We got to hang out at the beach for a day.

A visit to the dentist for some over due cleanings and xrays. Jaxson wasn't too sure about the gritty toothpaste they use to polish teeth.

My nephew Phoenix is getting so big. He got his first 2 teeth this week.

They think they're posing for me....................

Police vs Fire Olympics, football tournament. What a couple of dorks!

Of course today is Friday and Ann is hosting another Virtual Girls Nite Out. Stop by and join the party!


  1. I was just thinking about doing a weeks worth of pictures on my blog too. I may start this. So fun & post it on the weekends...just to highlight the week. great idea.
    Great pictures. Love the little foot on the beach too cute.

  2. I'm loving the idea of the week in pictures...and I LOVE all your pictures! :)

    Happy VGNO - have a great weekend! :)

  3. Happy VGNO WOW that is alot in one week.

  4. Loved visiting your blog! The kiddos are adorable. I'm sure there's never a dull moment with boys in the house. (I have two daughters and a 2 year old soon to be step daughter.)

    I hope that in some way by sharing about my depression it helped. I attempted to go off of mine and I hit bottom really fast. I know now that I may be on it for life but at least I will feel "whole" and that's okay!

  5. Cool pictures. Good idea to see your week in pictures.

    Happy (belated) VGNO!

  6. Love the photos and love the music. I hope you enjoyed your VGNO. I had to carry it through today to get to some I missed. I am so glad I stopped by. Keep up the fun blogging

  7. Great pictures!! Stopping by for a belated VGNO!!

  8. I'm going to sing that song all day now! womanizer, oh womanizer....

  9. Hym, looks like the boys take after B in goofy faces for pictures. :P

  10. Damn, that Pheonix is ADORABLE :)))



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