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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa and Mrs. Clause

We were lucky enough to run into Santa and Mrs. Clause last night. The boys were so excited and more than willing to sit and visit with them!

Riley wasn't at all thrilled about sitting with or even near Santa! I'm not sure what or why he changed his mind but oh my goodness. The party that we went to was a friend of my parents. She collects Christmas houses and her husband buys her a new one every year for her Birthday. I can't believe how big her little town is! The picture doesn't do it justice. They go out and cut a tree every year and it is giant. It touches their vaulted ceiling and then she puts the town under and around it! It's beautiful.

I am so excited! I just found out that I won the new Microsoft office 07 from Ree at confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Go check her out I love her blog!


  1. Great pics, and what a great Santa and Mrs. Claus! I too had a cryer on Santa's lap this year. :)

  2. These pics are awesome! The Santa looks so "real!" Love the tree and the town! Beautiful!

  3. Wow that is one hell of a Santa! I'd almost think he was the real thing.

    Congrats on winning Microsoft 07! Holy shit!

  4. Cute Santa pictures and why is it that kids always run and scream from Santa? Don't they know that he is the gift bringer?

  5. Great pictures. I love that Christmas tree- looks old fashion. I love those houses too. I've always wanted to collect a little Christmas town

  6. You won something from Pioneer Woman? That's so luck! Don't her giveaways have like 7000 entries? CONGRATULATIONS! LOVE the santa and Mrs. Claus photos!



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