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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Damn that car wash!

Thanks to the lovely weather we have had over the past few weeks my car was disgusting! It was covered in dirt and that crap they spray on the streets to melt the ice. I had to get it cleaned. So me and the kids loaded up and headed to the gas station for an automatic car wash. I chose this method because I figured the kids would get a kick out of it. All except one did. Poor Riley, I thought he was gonna have a stroke. I wish I had taken my camera with me. I have never seen him more terrified! When the thing passed over us the first time with the nice soft rain like spray he was fine. When the thing passed over us like a fire hose he was NOT OK! He was buckled into his seat and had nowhere to run, all he could do was tremble and scream at the damn car wash. I tried to comfort him from the front seat and he held my finger as tight as he possibly could, all the while giant tears rolled down his face. I have never seen so much relief on a child's face as I did when we pulled out of that car wash! Damn that car wash. Next time I will have to bring the camera! How mean am I?


  1. Oh! I'm sorry (as I can't help but giggle)! That is something I would totally do! Just once more so I could get pix. Ahhh, great parenting! LOL

  2. Poor fella. My girls used to be scared of the car wash. Now they kinda like it

  3. I had the SAME thing happen with both my kids. Ava still refuses to go- I dont want carwash, mom. I dont want carwash, mom. I dont want carwash mom. I dont want carwash, mom!

    OKAY! We wont get a carwash! Sheesh.



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