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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elmo is a little scary!

Riley got elmo live for Christmas and he ADORES him. I on the other hand find him a little creepy!! He scared the crap out of the hubby when he walked by him and was politley asked by Elmo for help up! I have never seen that kind of look on the hubby's face! I walked by him tonight and he started rapping to me. So I felt the need to sit down and "play" with the little creep.

Here are my questions for the makers of Elmo......
Did he just fart or sneeze?!!?
Since when does Elmo rap?
Why do you make him mention anything about the dentist and no cavities when he doesn't have teeth!!!! Was that suppose to be a joke? I don't get it.

Did you notice doing his twinkle toes dancing? Hee Hee my kid is such a dork.


  1. DUDE, that is just plain creepy. Who taught Elmo to fart...OMG! So friggin funny. And I love the gangsta rap neck moves. Word to your mom, Elmo. LOL!

  2. I saw Elmo at the store and my 11mo. old was amused by it! However, I thought as you did it to be a little scary!! I hope he provids much amusement and fun for years to come... at least until they come out with the next version. (aren't we on version 4 or something? :o) Have a great New Year! Thanks for Stopping by! You are welcome anytime!

  3. Hmmmm, that is a little creepy isn't it? What's up with the honking sound, and then him saying excuse me? What in the heck is he doing? Weird! :)

  4. Oh, I hear you with the creepy toys. I think part of the strategy with toy manufacturers is to disorient parents with these crazy things. That way the kids enjoy them more and never stop asking for them!

    Thanks for stopping by Crumbs today!! I can't imagine how much fun a house with three boys is at Christmas!

  5. I think you're in need of an exorsist. Thank goodness my children are in their 30's. No chance of this guy showing up under my tree. I stopped over by way of Anna's - funny stuff over here!

  6. Oh Geezus I hated Elmo. That stupid "Tickle Me" piece of crap gave me nightmares.



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