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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday- Predator

First off.....Happy St. Patricks Day!!! Enjoy the green beer and have fun celebrating.
Our neighbors were taking care of this wild animal for thier friends and the boys got an up close and personal look at one of our many predators. Pretty cool huh?! We were told that she was about 7 years old and they only live to be 8 or 9 in the wild. She was killed by a hunter using a cross bow. I personally do not like hunting but it is what it is huh? What's your view on hunting?
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  1. I love cats, but wild ones would scare me if I were hiking and came across one.

  2. How neat for your boy's.. I do have to say even thoe this big cat is stuffed he is kinda scarry..

  3. What a cool thing. Scary but cool. BEautiful too.

  4. Neat. Bet the boys loved that! But, um, why do your neighbor's friends have a stuffed cougar in the house? Is that some weird, kinky sexual thing?

    Just kidding.

    Maybe it's a "look what I killed" kind of thing for the hunter. Like those dudes that drive big huge trucks because they have a small penis?


  5. My dad has his mounted in his office. It gives me the creeps. It really is amazing to see their teeth and claws up close!

  6. I don't understand taxidermy for private use... in a museum, or even schools, for education... but at home?? ah well...
    As for hunting, I think it's fine, and even a good thing, as long as you are feeding yourself and family. If people depend on it and value the animals, then it's ok, because people protect what they value. I don't understand hunting predators, unless a specific animal has become a genuine danger to people. You don't eat predators, and so it seems very needlessly wasteful to me. I have never wanted to hunt because most hunters who invited me were deer hunters.. I do not like venison. I'd try turkey!



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