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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A very short vacation

Well, I'm back after a very short but relaxing vacation. The hubby and I went to Phoenix for 4 days, where he was taking a class for work.

From 8-5 he was stuck in a classroom and I had the car to go and explore. Can I just say, that place is huge!! I was able to find a few things to do, but I didn't want to go very far and end up lost or something. Luckily we stayed at the Hampton Inn and it was right across the street from a huge shopping, dining and entertainment mega complex called the Westgate City Center.
Oh man, if I had the money and time, I would have been a shopping, dining fool! Not only that, but 2 blocks away was the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Cardinals play and the Arena where the Coyote's play hockey. If you are going to be visiting, this is the place to go! You don't even need a car, it's all within walking distance. The only reason we rented one, was to avoid cab fares (which were OUTRAGEOUS) to and from the airport and his class. Well worth the money!!!

I would have had a blast except I think I got my sons stomach bug right after getting there! It was no fun, and I wasn't really sick, just enough not to feel good. Total bummer, but oh well, I still got to spend some time just hanging out with my hubby and relaxing with some peace and quiet!

I did manage to make my way out to the Saguaro Ranch , home to an 1800's ranch and old home surrounded by palm trees, orange and lemon groves and rose gardens. The Library/ Xeriscape Botanical Garden that had a beautiful veterans memorial that was made out of copper, every thing from the trees to the benches. It was beautiful! Throughout this giant area ( the ranch, library and paths) there were peacocks, chickens and roosters running all over the place! I'm a little sketchy of birds, but got up close and personal with them (they followed me every where).


  1. Looks warm, sunny, and relaxing :)

  2. Sorry you felt a little sick...bummer. You got some great shots though. My friend lives near phoenix. She is always bragging about how nice and sunny and warm it is there.



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