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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WW- Random Stuff!

Wow, this summer is just flying by and honestly I haven't even thought (much) about blogging. Even though we have been busy, there still isn't much to blog about! It's just the normal every day stuff and trying to keep the kids entertained. So this is going to be a basic mish mash of stuff, catching up and a review.

A night out with my best friend is always nice. Some of you may recognize her and some of you may not. It's Tasha from the Housewife Diaries! It was so nice to sit and visit. Neither one of us get that much alone time. Even our phone conversations are totally interrupted. You know how that goes, you're kids don't want anything to do with you until your on the phone. That's when they have their most important questions!Jax turned 5 and suddenly he's is an old man! He knows all and has become a demanding, full of attitude and emotion child. He thinks he's pretty cool. I received my fountain from CSN Onlines stores and have had the chance to try it out. So what do I think of it? I think it's cute. It was easy to put together, it's looks nice and it has that a little bit of a trickle sound. Would I pay $60 for it with my own money? I don't think so. I was expecting it to be a little bigger and the light at the top is not really ambiance to's a halogen light so it casts off that bright purple annoying light. But then again it makes a neat reflection on my kitchen ceiling when all of the lights are off. I am going to have to go out to my yard and find some more rocks to add to it too. So over all I think it gets a 6 out of 10 rating.

Notice it stands just a little taller than my hand sanitizer bottle!

Fourth of July was just ok. The hubby worked, my oldest was out of town and I took the 2 little boys to a fireworks show on Saturday. It didn't go well. At all. They were terrified and hated every minute of it! But I managed to get a few pictures. Fortunately, they did much better the next night, I wish i could say that much for the weather! By the time it was time for the kids to light off their was raining and freezing.Baseball season came to an end and I must say that this year went better than the last few, and we have decided that this is the team that we're staying with. Shaymus had so much fun and he learned a lot. So we're looking forward to next season!
Well, that's all I have for now! I will have something more to write about in the following weeks. Promise. We're taking a family trip next week, but I'm not giving too many details. Wouldn't want to ruin it :)
So everyone have a wonderful week and happy WW to all. Head on over to Seven Clown Circus for more fun and don't forget to say hi to Angie.


  1. What great pic's to share. My 4 yr old loves the birthday Cake He says its cool. ANd hey i got a smarty pants here too looks like mine started earlier than yours.

    love the fountain

  2. So much going on! I love the fountain, but it is smaller than it seems, isn't it? I just placed an order from CSN stores on Le Creuset backware....:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my Friday Fragment post. I love those little fountains, but have yet to find the "perfect" one that is not over priced! Great firework shot!



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