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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost in Texas

The Hubby and I made a split decision to take a trip to Bay City Texas last week to surprise his mom. It was a much needed vacation and it was nice not having to think about work or all of the everyday crap that comes along with being home!

It was an eventful 5 days though! His mom was soooo excited to see us sitting in her mothers living room on a Tuesday afternoon. This day also happened to be her sons birthday, so it was a little extra oomph. Yes my sweet hubby decided to spend a whole day traveling with his family for his birthday. We were up at 4:45, on a plane at 6:30 with a 2 hour flight and a 2 hour drive all to see his mommy and he loved every minute of it! The kids did too. It was their first time traveling and flying on a plane. So they took in every moment of it and they did awesome!!! We were so proud of them.

We spent 3 days at 2 different beaches and only had one incident......Jaxson got stung by a jellyfish on day two. Yea, we didn't think we were ever gonna get the poor kid back into any sort of water ever again. It was very traumatic for a 5 year old! But....he did go back in on day three and he had a blast. Luckily there was no sign of the oil spill. I just wasn't expecting the water to be so murky. It was fun though, I loved watching the kids find seashells, play in the sand and marvel at the waves.

It was a great week visiting with Grandma and all of the other family but it was also nice to get back home. Why is it that you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation???


  1. Love all your pics! B looks like a crazy person in that first picture lol. So do you feel refreshed!? I need a vaca so badly it's killing me. :P

  2. Oh, your husband is so sweet to surprise his mom like that! Love it! I love days spent on the beach too, but sad about the jellyfish incident though.

  3. So glad you had such a nice trip. Do the beaches in TX have lots of shells? Looks like it.



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