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Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.......

Every year I have holiday excitement and dread running through me all at the same time. Why you ask? Because I love Christmas time, the baking, the friends and family and the happiness it brings to my kids. I also dread it....I dread the decorating and I'm sure many of you have the same feelings; you get the house extra clean, rearrange what ever room you're putting the Christmas tree up in, drag out the boxes upon boxes of decorations and all of that crap and break your back setting up the (artificial) tree and putting the lights on it, just so. That's if all of your lights are in working order, which mine were not! 5 out of 8 strings of lights were only 1/2 working. Not just one half all at once, no it was like 3 would be lit and then 4 would be out, 2 lit, 3 out, 8 lit, 5 out. You get what I mean and to make it worse, it couldn't be the cheapy lites, no it's the expensive ones that have all of the adjustments on them. My favorite ones ( I like it when they slow glow), my only white ones. I was so frustrated, but I put them on anyway, and now the tree looks funny but oh well.

Then comes the kids turn to do the decorating, the part that I love to sit back and try to just enjoy it. When I say try, I mean try not to freak out when they start tearing through the glass ornaments, not being anal when it comes time to put them on the tree and not stressing about the house looking like a tinsel bomb went off in it when I just cleaned the damn thing!

LOL, I can hardly stand watching my kids decorate the tree! I have learned to just laugh at them and after they go to bed I move everything around the way I like it! It's not that they do a bad job, it's that they pick one spot on the tree and see how many ornaments one branch can hold! 80% of the tree gets totally neglected and the other 20% gets bombarded.

This year, the oldest finally figured it out and began dispersing them throughout the whole tree, middle man found his specific area and little man found everyone else's ornaments and took them off. Only 2 ornaments were broken and luckily the dog (puppy) has left it alone!

It is and always will be the cats favorite place to sleep during the holidays. I think it's a cat thing, my cat growing up did the same thing. It must be all warm and comfy???

In about a month and a half I will be really dreading it. I despise taking down all of the holiday decorations. Luckily (but sadly) I didn't get around to putting up outside lights and decorations. I just didn't have it in me this year. I do have a set of lights waiting to be put up in my front window, I just need to figure out a way to make them stay! I wish I could find those little suction cups that have the hooks on them, that would be perfect!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very merry holiday season and enjoys their decorations once they are up!


  1. Oh i love decorating the tree with the kids. Our kids do the same thing. I used to move them around too, but this year they did pretty good so I decided to let it stay. Sorry about the lights. Our tree is prelit so it is perfect. No light issues...well yet anyways.
    Cute pics too.

  2. TOOO cute I love it ! Im trying to keep my 15 month old from mine!

  3. We have a nice artificial tree with lights built in. Lots of favorite decorations collected over the years too. All in boxes with the rest of our stuff. Last word was that it had been crated up in a shipping container, but was still somewhere over on the wrong side of the big pond :p ... when I realized we weren't getting our household goods by Christmas, we went out and bought another tree... no way are we doing without. Who knew Jordan would have such a good selection! We got a tree, some lights (with music - ack!) and styrofoam decorations covered in glitter... with three kittens in the house, no way were we buying nice new glass things! I want to make more decorations with the kids when the school break starts! Love the pics of your kids decorating the tree - they look very serious about their work. :)



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